Client Recommendations

Spending time with Jan is a cup of cool, refreshing water to me in the midst of making sense out of circumstances, struggles and emotions in my life. I have found her to be a rare gem in the counseling world. Jan's spiritual depth, kindness, insight and wise counsel make all the difference in my life.

~Laura, a leader in Christian leadership development

Our marriage was in big trouble.  We were separated, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  We believed the marriage was destroyed.  Jan had hope for our marriage when there appeared to be no hope. Through her guidance, wisdom, strength, courage and passionate care for us, she called forth the truth and God's desires for us as a couple and as individuals. Jan gave us a vision for our marriage. She taught us how to communicate and respond to each other in totally new ways. We are coming to live out what true intimacy in marriage really means. Jan has a gift for working equally with men and women, and the uncanny skill and ability to counsel effectively over the phone. We continue to grow deeper in our journey together as husband and wife because of our work with her.

~Phil and Kathleen, Danville, CA

Without exception, I count my time and money spent in counseling with Jan Esher as one of the best investments of my entire life.  Her godly wisdom, love, and grace are beyond her years.  I have sought her counsel in numerous parenting crises, and credit her guidance, nurturing love and encouragement as having turned me from a bad direction I was going with my children to one of health and life-giving.  My marriage could possibly have ended by now or at least continued in a very stale and despairing state had she not been there for both my husband and me in the past five years.  When I have personally strayed down  paths of self-contempt, fear, anger or hopelessness, she has treated me with patience, grace, kindness and tender exhortation---the kind that every child longs to hear from a loving parent.  I am so grateful for her counsel through the years, and I unreservedly recommend her to anyone, individual, couple, child, or adolescent needing good counsel and personal healing in their lives.

~Jane, West College Corner, IN

Never have I learned more than sitting under the gentle, persuasive but never invasive mentoring of Jan Esher. Jan has the ability to love you right where you are, to convey that love to you, and to lead you gently to a better place. Her words to me have been full of truth and a balm to my heart. She, with her Godly wisdom, has transformed me from a reactive controlling person to a woman of grace. I now am much more able to be a vessel the Lord can use to bless the lives of others. And do you know what? I like myself much better!  Because Jan walks her own walk with dignity, humility and grace, Jan demonstrates a testimony which upholds in her own life what she professes to others.

~Dana, Wichita, KS

I’ve spent multiple seasons of life with Jan Esher as my counselor, on and off, over the last 4 years. What I appreciate most about her is the infinite wisdom she embodies that is seasoned with both intelligence and spiritual depth. It's rare to find both in a counselor. I also appreciated that I wasn't given a check list of what to do - but that, rather, through every day experiences and history worked out, she was able to find what was hidden and usher me toward healing that has enabled me to be a healthier individual, basking in the freedom I was created for.

Katie, Dallas, TX

One of the greatest blessings in my life has been Jan Esher's honest, direct, sometimes difficult but "real" speaking into my life. Her guidance and thoughts about life and its challenges and triumphs have been invaluable and I am and will always be grateful.  Not sure where life is headed in one way, but so sure of where life is headed in relationship to God and who I am in relation to him.  I'm thankful to Jan for helping me begin to view life and relationships in a different and fulfilling way. 

Steve, Spring, TX

I came to Jan bearing the sixty-year-old wounds inflicted by psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse.  Thanks to more than a decade of extremely damaging secular therapy, I didn’t come expecting real help.  I came kicking and screaming, with a Texas-sized chip on my shoulder, full of repressed grief and barely restrained rage.  Had I been Jan, I would have told me to get lost after the in-your-face e-mail I used to introduce myself.  She really threw me for a loop when she answered that tirade in the most gracious, loving way imaginable.  And so we began to work together.  Jan walked with me and talked with me and grieved with me. After two years of working with her, here’s what I know about Jan Esher:  She has a gift.  You will see Jesus in her.  God works through her.  If you let her, she’ll help you throw open the windows and air out the darkest rooms in your soul.  I’m in a good place now, but I’m unspeakably thankful to know that Jan is still there if I need her.  Just a phone call away.  Never again will I have to face heartache, darkness, or spiritual dryness alone.

~Kathy DiSanto, Martinsburg, WV