Peer Recommendations

Rarely will you meet someone who has a grasp of the gospel that extends to the hidden corners of your life, where strongholds of shame and guilt threaten to destroy. Jan guides with a light of faith that shows what is true, yet she will call forth your courage to face the painful parts of your story. From her own place of suffering she believes in a hope that is greater than one's pain. You will find in her a haven where you can speak your own story and she will believe you.
~Precious Atchison, Licensed Counselor, Kansas

Jan is an artist and a theologian, set resolutely on the Cross and the hope of God's Kingdom.  She has a heart full of love and Spirit-guided instincts that will uncover your best heart, your holiest desires, the fire in your eyes and the passion in your soul.  Since she takes her relationship with God seriously, deep intimacy with Him is the backdrop of her listening ears.  Through her authentic, winsome, inspiring presence, you will not only hear bold truth in love, but have the chance to be forever changed.

~Beth Stanley, Licensed Counselor, Texas

I don't know about you, but when I look for someone to talk to, someone to help me think through my life, I am looking for someone who will respect me, truly listen to my situation, and care well for my heart. I want someone who is wise, experienced, mature and kind, and someone who actually believes that change can happen. Jan Esher is that person. You can trust her with your heart. And if you have the privilege of spending time with her, you'll soon understand that Jan will be looking for the traces of the Divine that are woven into every life, every situation. She'll help you look for it, too. She'll help you find the beauty that has gone missing, the hope that you forgot you had.

~Jan Meyers
Author, Speaker, Licensed Counselor, Colorado

Jan Esher is a woman of rare integrity. She is a wise and gracious guide for those who want to meet God in the face of their significant doubts and struggles. She doesn’t offer quick solutions or easy answers, but a path to honesty, depth, and passion. If you desire to live well, I commend you to Jan. 

~Dr. Dan B. Allender
Author, Speaker, Founder/Director of The Allender Center, Licensed Psychologist, Washington

Jan was my very first supervisor when I went into private practice more than 20 years ago. Her genuine warmth, as well as her insight borne from personal experience, made a deep and lasting impression on my soul....Jan is a woman of profound kindness, a rare quality in today's abrasive and angry culture. To sit with such kindness, such sincere care, can change your life.

--Joy Sawyer, Author, Writing Instructor, Writing Therapist, Licensed Counselor, Colorado